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Named in honor of MERCOSUR, it is a new altcoin that unlike the other Crypto, that leave the world and already, was thought so that its use is destined purely and exclusively in the Latin American region. This does not mean that transactions to the rest of the world are prevented, but rather that the region is the first to adopt it as an official vitual coin. That is what it is about, that it was born so that the citizens of the community have a sense of belonging in it.

Since economic restraint and foreign exchange prohibitions often occur in Latin America, the MERCOIN team considered that a new crypto-currency, with a difficulty lower than that of Bitcoin, could be imposed efficiently. The Latin American citizens, for the most part, do not have the resources or equipment of great power to undermine BTC or another already known coin of similar characteristics, but it does not feel the reason to establish itself with an altcoin. For this reason and with this new criptomoneda we call on the Latin American community to be attentive to the launch of the MRN because if all together we believe in this altcoin, all together we will give the value that corresponds to him. No more no less. It depends on us and for us MERCOIN will become the currency of great value in the region.

The main technical characteristics of MERCOIN:

Main Features

It is based on the POW- PoS algorithm of Scrypt

It allows its mining through computers of low resources by means of CPU / GPU

It is multiplatform (Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, IOs).

It allows the format paper and 3D currency for those who prefer the physical format over the virtual. [1]

It can be found in the main exchange platforms and tourism sites and online shopping, among others.

• Ticker : MRN
• Algorithm: Scrypt
• Type: Pow / PoS
• Letter: M
• Máx. supply: 100.000.000 (Max. Supply)
• Premine: 20% (10% stake 10% ICO)
• Block reward POW: 100
• Port RCP: 23880
• Port P2P: 23879
• Last block POW: 100000
• PoS: 5% year
• Minimal time for stake: 8 hs

(a) Please consult the white paper for supply politics


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