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Why You Should Use an Accredited Homeschool Program


You may have heard about accredited homeschooling programs. In this article, we are going to discuss, from both the viewpoint of the parent and the child, some of the reasons why you should consider using an accredited homeschooling program.

What Does Accredited Mean?

When a program is “accredited” it means that a third-party has reviewed what it offers to determine if it meets standards of the agency that is offering accreditation.  In short, it means that all the materials – textbooks, workbooks, exercises, tests, schedule, etc. – have been carefully evaluated and found to meet certain standards.

How Does It Benefit Me?

When you use an accredited program, you don’t have to worry that you aren’t providing your child the foundational education that they need.  You can feel assured that everything is covered that needs to be covered, and the information your child is being taught is as correct as possible (based on the knowledge of science, history, and math that we have at this time).  Using an accredited program can take the guesswork out of what you need to teach your child, and usually provides a detailed curriculum letting you know day by day what you and your child need to cover.  This is especially good for beginning homeschoolers.

It definitely raises a parent’s confidence when homeschooling their child, because they know the program of study they are following is an accepted standard, and helps them feel more certain that they are indeed preparing their child for college or other types of higher learning.

Another major benefit to parents using an accredited homeschooling program is this:  if you live in a state with significant oversight of homeschoolers, using an accredited program may make it easier for you to meet state requirements.

How Does It Benefit My Child?

When your child attends an accredited program, it makes it much easier for them to re-enter either the public or private school system if needed.  Even more importantly it makes it easier for your child to be accepted into college or trade school because they followed a recognized standard course of study.

Your child will also be receiving a solid education that covers what is accepted by society as what they need to know.  There will not be any holes or blank spots in their educational foundation, so to speak.

Another key benefit for your child is that they will graduate from high school with the confidence that they received an education that is at the very least equivalent to that of their public or private school peers, and in all likelihood it is superior to what their peers received.  This builds your child’s confidence as they enter the workforce or the realm of higher education.


An accredited homeschooling program gives you peace of mind about the quality and thoroughness of the education your child is receiving, as well as how it will impact their future.  It builds the confidence of both the parent and the child, and makes transitions into the workforce and higher education much more smooth.  Accredited homeschooling programs are a great way to guarantee that your child receives a thorough education.




For 15 years Mimi Rothschild has been privileged to help hundreds of thousands of homeschoolers educate their children at home. The MorningStar Academy is a private online Christian school offering diplomas and teachers. The Jubilee Academy is an online Christian curriculum provider offering over 150 full year online Christian courses for PreK-12.


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