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Cheap Tactical Flashlights vs Expansive Tactical Flashlights

When it comes to buying tactical flashlights the choice always comes down to get a cheap one or get an expansive one. Some people think that is you buy a replica that it’s going to work just like the original one but in most cases those replicas at first will be great but after several months the quality will vanish. If you ask me to choose between a cheap and an expansive flashlight I will always choose the expansive one because quality is the one of the priorities that I look in any type of product and I am sure other people have similar opinions.

When it comes to the tactical flashlights here things are different. When buying tactical flashlights the price is irrelevant because you can get a powerful flashlight and a more quality flashlight for half the price of an original one. In this post I am going to make a comparison between 2 tactical flashlights, one is cheap and the other one is expansive.

G700 Tactical Flashlight($56)

For the price of just $56 dollars you can get a flashlight that can satisfied your needs for a light in outdoor and indoor activities. As one of the top selling flashlights of 2016 the G700 is one of the most popular flashlight on the open market for a very affordable price. Equipped with a powerful capacity of 1000 lumens this flashlight is capable of lighting up an entire filed with just one simple click. Beside the enormous lumen power this flashlight is also one of those flashlights that has a large battery capacity. The rechargeable option that was added on this flashlight allows you to use this flashlight for more than 72 hours of constant work. For more info about the G70 flashlight visit this webpage: LumiTact’s Military G700 Flashlight enlightened the open market.

Fenix TE2004 Flashlight ($150)

As one of the most ultimate tactical flashlights on the open market this flashlight is the most expensive one of them all. When you closely compare the Fenix with the G700 you will see that there are only minor differences between them. The Fenix TE2004 has a staggering lumen capacity of 1200 lumens. The advantage that this flashlight has over every other tactical flashlight on the open market is in the indestructible material. Made with an aircraft aluminum this flashlight can also be used as a self-defiance tool that can used in life threatening situations. Beside the larger lumen capacity there are no other differences that will convince you to give an extra $100 dollars so that you can get extra 200 lumens.


If your mind set before you buy a tactical flashlight is set up so that buy the best tactical flashlight then you won’t mind giving an extra $100 dollars for a very quality flashlight. But if you are not ready to give such a large amount for a flashlight then I recommend for you to determine your budget and then research the open flashlight market to find the best flashlight within your price range.

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