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Getaway With Mom This Mothers Day


If your mom spends a lot of time in the kitchen, taking her out to her favorite restaurant can be a lovely way to say thanks. You could also spend time learning how to cook her favorite meals, and surprise her with a 3-course lunch or dinner. If you have the time and money, taking a cooking class together can also be a fun bonding experience! Your mom will surely appreciate how the tables have turned if you decide to make her favorite recipes from scratch.


Yoga is often a quiet and peaceful activity that can be done in a group, or on your own. If you know a few yoga poses already from attending regular classes, sitting outside in the shade with your mom is a nice way to spend time together privately. Taking your mom to a yoga class can allow you both to bond in a group setting. Listening to the yoga instructor reminding you to breathe deeply is also helpful. You can take her to a juice bar or a café afterwards to chat over drinks and mentally unwind.


Getting the family together for a barbecue on a sunny afternoon can be a bonding experience for everyone. If you have siblings, and they have their own children, your mom can enjoy spending time with her grandchildren, as well. She’s bound to feel as though she’s done a great job of being a mom when she’s sitting around a table with her family, eating food her children have made, and listening to her grandchildren’s laughter. If the barbecue is being held at her house, grab the family photo albums and share photos of you as a kid to your children! You’ll pass down memories and make new ones for your future photo albums.


Planning mother daughter weekend getaways to somewhere she’s always talked about going can leave you both with fond memories. Maybe spend the weekend at a bed and breakfast near a winery, or splurge on room service and champagne at a fancy (but affordable!) hotel. Take her shopping in the city, or visit antique shops in small countryside towns. If she’s more outdoorsy, choose a scenic hiking trail and pack supplies to go camping for the weekend. Pick an activity that reflects your mom’s personality and interests, and she’s bound to talk about your weekend getaway for years to come!


If you don’t feel like leaving town for the weekend, find a spa in your area that offers packages you and your mom can spend together. There might even be a weekend or overnight getaway package that saves you a trip out of town, but still provides you with the same amount of bonding experience. Enjoy spa treatments like manicures and pedicures, massages, facials, and aromatherapy. Unwind and relax with your mom, even just for an afternoon or evening. If you aren’t able to join her, let her to pick the spa package she wants. She’ll be thankful either way, and even if you can’t join her, you’ll know she will be getting the pampering she deserves.


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