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2016 Custom Wedding Cake Trends


Here are some possible predictions for trends in custom wedding cakes for the year 2016. They include new and unique ideas, along with some classics and favourites.


Flowers are always common at weddings, but they don’t have to be restricted to bouquets. With their soft and warm appearance, hand painted floral additions to wedding cakes are excellent for warm weather during spring and summer. Adding bright colours that stand out like gold can add shimmer, or darker colours like navy blue can look more striking. The flowers themselves don’t need to be in a conventional circular pattern. Even a simple cake can be improved by using a more free flowing approach. Also, try using non-traditional flowers in your designs. They can go a long way in created unique cakes.


Metallic looks are also popular. They can create one of a kind appearances with a mix of metals like silver and gold, or a different metal like rose gold. Metallic finish and a gold leaf tier can add an addition bit of flair.


Naked cakes are cakes that have most or all of the icing on the sides scraped back to reveal the cake underneath, hence the name. This trend is more recent and seems like it is here to stay for some time. A naked cake is a very different look when compared to many other cake designs. It is still adaptable enough to fit with any wedding theme. A variation of this option is a half dressed cake, which has the icing partially removed on some layers, while being bare in some areas. This look fits especially well on cake dripped with chocolate or caramel or with attractive toppings. It can be combined with a floral look for many more variations on this design.


Partially due to online communities such as Pintrest. Being unusual and eccentric in wedding planning does not have to be a bad thing. Themes, such as favourite hobbies or sports, can be used in creative ways that fit the individual wedding. Remember to keep the theme and colours of the wedding consistent in the cake design. Though contrasting colours can create looks that stand out if you choose to do so. The floral and metallic themes listed earlier can also do the same.


Rather than a single large cake, having a table of appetizing small treats is gaining popularity this year. A single cake, or group of cakes, can be served with miniature cakes, pastries cupcakes or even just chocolate. These offer your guests a variety of options, while also adding more diversity to your overall design. The layout of the table can also be a part of the design. Using a symmetrical layouts can create unique looks, or a symmetrical design can be matched with a wedding and cake theme sharing that pattern.


By mixing and matching floral and metallic designs it is possible to create a unique and memorable custom wedding cakes. With naked cakes or traditional compositions, personalized themes or interesting table layouts, there are many options to create a one of a kind and romantic wedding in 2016.

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