Please Pick Up On Hold Books by July 4th

Do you have books on hold at Mysteryscape?

Please pick up any books on hold, books that have been special ordered, or set aside for you by Saturday, July 4th. As you might imagine, there are a lot of things that need doing as we try to, as gracefully as possible, find homes for all the books. Remember the store will close it's doors on Saturday, July 25th, so this doesn't leave a lot of time to take care of books that may be homeless. 

July 4th Sisters In Crime Event

July 4th Sisters In Crime Meeting at Mysteryscape at our usual time of 11:00 am

Since it is 4th of the July, we will not have a speaker. It will be a members chat meeting, and we have much to discuss. I'm sure you all know that Mysteryscape will be closing at the end of July. I'm heartbroken, as I'm sure you all are. We'll need to talk about possible meeting places for future meetings. I have reserved the meeting room at the Antioch branch of the Johnson County library for August, just to make sure we have a place, but we may come up with something we like better. 

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